Meta Tags in SEO – Hindi में

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  1. AMARJEET says:

    Madam tumhare samjhane ka tarika bahut achha hai, or aapki is article se mein bahut kuchh sikha hun so thank you

    • Swati Jain says:

      Thank you Amarjeet 🙂

  2. Nisha says:

    Hi Swati,
    I like the way u write blogs, an u plzz tell me how i can learn off- page SEO because its my initial stage to learn SEO so help me in step by step manner

    • Swati Jain says:

      Hi Nisha ,
      If you are new in the Seo field and want to start off with offpage SEO,
      the first thing you should do is Blog commenting and answers relevent questions on Quora.

  3. Meer says:

    Hello Swati Jain, I like your post very much because your explaining way is superbb.. On page SEO ka full post karo… Aapke post k through bohot kuch seekhne ko milta ha… doing great job

  4. Jashan says:

    Thank u mam for this information. Pls tell how backlink ko index kaise karte hai

    • Swati Jain says:

      agar jin websites par baclinks banayae hae , veh aap ke contol mae hae, to webmaster tools me ja kar crawl and fetch karen.
      if its on other websites then use ping services.

  5. rina says:

    Hi Swati…. aapke samjhane ka tarika bahut achha laga. can you explain me mujhe apni website ke liye kaya karoo .

  6. Swati Jain says:

    मनोहर जी ,
    Hello Manohar Ji ,

    आज आप का comment पढ़ा।
    मैंने आपके प्रश्न का उत्तर पहले भी अपने blogpost( )में , आप के comment पर दिया था .

    शायद Cache के कारण आप उसे देख नहीं पा रहें हैं।
    here is the answer I gave earlier-

    hello Mohan ji,
    the first step in SEO is keyword research.
    this article will help you to understand keyword research process in hindi.
    and more over, I had a look on your website.
    Its good that you implemented analytics and had submitted the site map.

    what i will recommend is –

    create backlinks for your website- presently a few backlinks are there.
    work on our website speed- your website speed is very low .
    images on your website are not optimized.
    and also Create an associated Facebook Page.

    अगर SEO से related कोई परेशानी आते है तो आप इस Facebook group में भी आप पूछ सकतें हैं।

  7. Manohar says:

    मे अपनी वेब साइट का seo किस प्रकार शुरू करू।?
    आपने मेरे पहले सवाल का भी अभी तक उत्तर नही दिया हे ?
    मे आपका पारिश्रमिक भी देने को तेयार हू ।

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