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How to Submit Your new website to google search engine-हिंदी

Indexing your website in google- 

अपनी वेबसाइट बनाने के बाद जो सबसे पहला काम हमें करना चाहिये  , वह है गूगल और बाकि search  engines  like  bing  , Yahoo  etc . में  उसे submit  करना।

यह  website  का SEO  करने के लिये भी बहुत important  है।


अपनी वेबसाइट को गूगल के database  मे  कैसे भेजे ?

तीन तरीको से हम गूगल को अपने वेबसाइट के बारे मे  बता सकते है-


3  ways to get your website indexed in Google’s database –

a) Auto-crawling or Indexing
b)  By creation of backlinks
c)  Google submission using Google webmasters tool


a) Indexing meaning – It is the process of submitting your website pages in Google’s database so that web pages can be found on SERP.


Step 1 . Write Google webmaster tool in the Google search bar. And select the option shown below.

Enter google webmaster

Step -2  You will see a page like this . Sign in with your google account.



Step 3 .   Add the url of the website you want to submit to google database. It should include (  http:// or https:// + your website .+ extension).  Then click add a property.



Step 4.  Then you have to select a method to verify that you are the owner of the site you are submitting.

Google will show you two methods :-

  1. Recommended Method

recomended method



Alternative Method

alternate verifying method of search console

Step- 5  Go with the recommended method .

Download the HTML  file .

(For alternate method you can watch the video below .)

Step 6. Now login to the  Cpanel of your website with www.yourdomain/cpanel.

Cpanel will appear like this below.

enter your c panel


Step 7. Click on file manager .

c panel view

step 8. Click on public.html folder.

Step 9. You will find name a folder of your domain. Double click it.

select domain in c panel and upload

Step10. Now upload the file you downloaded from google webmaster search console.

Step 11. Go back to the google webmaster search console page and hit the verify buttom.


Step 12 If you did the above steps right you will see the message like this

Congrats ,you did it.

Successfull in search console
Alternate method of Indexing your website in Google

21 thoughts on “How to Submit Your new website to google search engine-हिंदी”

  1. Claps… For Swati, really nice work mam, all the provided info is absolute, genuine, to the point, great work.
    Well explained, really really great work, u r lightning others with your technical skills and.. Best part is ur thoughts, efforts are so kind…. Best Wishes for your future ahead 💐.

    1. aap SEarch console ke alternate method me se HTML tag के Option को select करके copy कर लें।

      और फिर इन स्टेप्स को फॉलो करें

      go to Manage Site > click Edit Site.
      Click Site from the top bar of your Editor.
      select SEO tab > More SEO Settings.
      Paste that meta tag code under Header Code – Meta Tags.
      Now click verify in search console.

      Hope it will help.

  2. Hi pratap,
    जब हम SEO field में beginners होतें हैं तो बहुत सारे concepts को सीखना होता है.
    और मुझे यह जानकर बहुत ख़ुशी हुई की इसमें मैं आप की मदद कर पायी।

  3. Hi Swati,
    Nice to see here a blog in Hindi for helping to SEO, it is a very nice topic which you have described.Many beginners facing problem at this.

    1. for adding the sitemap for Blogspot
      1. add your website to google search console
      2. in add and test sitemap after your website URL/ type this sitemap.xml and submit.

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