Easy Explanation -SEO क्या है और क्यों करते हैं – meaning in hindi

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  1. sachin says:

    thank you great post

  2. Mittu says:

    thank you man nice article about seo

  3. aapne hme seo k bare me bhut acha btaya h esliye thank you

  4. the seo is good education.the duration requied for learning seo depends upon in how much depth you want to go.

  5. hi seo kerne se blog ka ranking badh jati hai kay?

    • Swati Jain says:

      yes it will improve

  6. Sunil says:

    Hi swati mam very easily you tell us about seo . I am a beginner in this field n i want to learn it step by step n earn money. Kindly tel me how this is useful to earn money

  7. jitendra says:

    Thank you for sharing it is very important for seo

  8. Pramod Mahor says:

    seo se sambandhit jankari aapne acchi tarike se samjha hai

  9. vicky says:

    sawti ji mujhe blogge per work karna hai toh uske liye kya karna hoga.

  10. Vishugi says:

    Thanks… Miss. Sawti for help us and explain in hindi to understand in briefly (SEO).

  11. Hi Swati ji, I am new in SEO and I read your blog,I am feeling very well,because your blog is very intersting and knowledgefull for biginners.I hope to you that you continue same blog post in future for biginners.Hence once again I hank you so much for it.

  12. Akash Yadav says:

    Hy Swati,
    You are amazing, i mean your writing skills are really good, you explained it very well SEO is very important for all type of website.
    Thanks for sharing, Keep up the good work. 🙂


  13. sumit kumar says:

    what is Black,white&gray seo

  14. max says:

    your are really nice thought and thanks for sharing this news.

  15. nice post this good for new website and blog owners

  16. ANANT JAIN says:

    aapka ye blog google adsense se approved nhi hai kya add nhi dikh rhe..

    • Swati Jain says:

      I dont earn through adds because I dont want to create disturbance for my blog readers

  17. Alka Singh says:

    very nice swati g main bht dino se SEP ko smjhne ki kosis kr ri thi bht se blog read kea but kuch khs nhi smjh paien apne bht aachi trh se hr chz ko define kea hai ..thnx a lot for dis..

    • Swati Jain says:

      Happy to help you Alka ji

  18. Gayasuddin says:

    I also want to learn SEO

  19. Vandana says:

    Bahut hi achhi jankari swati Ji thanks for sharing

  20. Nice post. mene bhi ak post SEM par likhi thi.

  21. Jeetu says:

    you told me everything about seo but did not tell me what to do top website renking ?????

  22. Manish says:

    Hello swati
    You r doing wonderful job thanks for u information about seo in Hindi. Can you explain please how to do seo for Hindi language website thanks

  23. Mahjabeen says:

    Kya aap hame bata sakti hai ki 404 Error kya hota hai.

  24. Mahi says:

    Thank you swati ji seo ko hindi or very simple language me samjhne ke lia.

  25. Narendra Kumawat says:

    Hi SWATI,
    Meri English bahut achchhi nahin h isliye computer se door hi rahta hun. Aapka blog padha to Atmviswas hua h.

    Mera JAIPUR me ek Tiffin Service ka karya h jo Wife hi dekhti h. Website abhi nahin bani h. y sochker ki google ki last page ko kon-v-kun dekhega.

    SEO ko m koi mangment Post ke roop me dekhta tha.

    Ab m ek Website bhi bana paunga v kosish karunga SEO ki.

    Aap ki help chahegi.

  26. sunny says:

    thanks for hindi tutorial

  27. Naresh says:

    Hello madam search engine optimization aur content writer me kay aantar hota hai kya ek content writer ko seo aana jaroori hai…??

    • Swati Jain says:

      content writer agar seo janta hae to you get better returns in market

  28. sweta says:

    what is off page seo?

  29. Swati Jain says:

    the tools mentioned in the book are very helpful .i also use them personally.

  30. mukesh kumar says:

    this my question is 404,402 401, etc what is this code this your code is not my knowledge. so please explain this code.

  31. zuber says:

    hi swati ,

    i m big friend of you. I like your blog all post.

    • Swati Jain says:

      thank u . zuber ji.

  32. Thanks For Sharing Great Information About Seo In Hindi. And Your Free Ebook Is Very Helpful For Hindi Blogger.

  33. बहुत मदद मिली धन्यवाद।

    • Swati Jain says:

      you are welcome वंदना ji

  34. vijay kumar says:

    on-page nehi aati hai achi sai couching lana chata hu ….please help kro

    • Swati Jain says:

      Vijay ji,
      you will get if a free ebook of onpage seo on my blog very soon.
      be in touch with the blog

  35. cithelp says:

    bhot achi jankari hai
    mai bhi ek blogger hu mer website ********* hai. but bhout jayada kosiss ke baad bhi meri website ke page view nahi badh rahe please meri website ko open karke muje bataye ki isme kaya kami hai . google search me to kuch post aati hai par page view abhi bhi kam hai muje kaya karna chahiye

  36. Dev Tandon says:

    hello…swati* how are u…?
    God Bless you……..

  37. Shehraz Khan says:

    Swati ji page 404 kya ha orr iska use kahan hota ha seo me ?

    • Swati Jain says:

      जब भी कोई हमारी website के किसी ऐसे page के url पर click करता है , जोकि live नहीं है। तो search engines users को 404 error show करतें हैं।
      SEO में इसके लिए भी optimization किया जाता है।

  38. Parveen Sharma says:

    i am a service provider,how to use Google seo .please give your contact number

  39. Binayak says:

    Hello swati , can u elaborate advanced seo topics here or provide me best resource to learn from

    • Swati Jain says:

      Hi Binayak,
      you will find advanced topics also in the coming months. what you are interested to know in the advanced section? I will help you.

  40. vinod chouhan says:

    seo me blog posting, artical sumbition , doc sharing, business listing, classified add, ppt, video ke allava our kya karte hai

    • Swati Jain says:

      you can try out link building with Quora and Reddit.
      I personally love using Quora as gives laser targeted traffic.

  41. Swati Jain says:

    Hello Vishal ji,
    Since you have Subscribed to my blog, that means you will get instant information whenever I will publish new content on my website.

    In future I am planning to provide a free SEO training course for my subscribers.

  42. Vishal says:

    Hi swati ji I have subscribed your blog in spite of that I’m not able to learn SEO.
    I’m new your trainee and I have much willingness to learn about SEO

  43. Nrupeshsinh Rathod says:

    Nice Articals You have Written In this Blog

    • Swati Jain says:

      Thank you Nrupeshsinh ji 🙂

  44. mai pheli bar apki site par aya hu ap bhut acha likhtey hai

    • Swati Jain says:

      Thank you Jitender so much.
      Aap baki articles bhe jarur read kariyaega. They will really help in SEO.

      • ok maine apke aur article bhi read kiye aap acha likhtey hai
        thanks for sharing this article in Hindi

  45. Madhvi says:

    thankx for hindi tutorial…..

    • Digitalswati says:

      Happy to know that my readers are liking the concept of getting SEO info in Hindi language.

  46. Digitalswati says:

    Hi Deepak,
    I checked your website. You have many article on it and categories too.
    But all the categories are very different from one another (web development , beauty and fitness , Quotes)
    Before selecting keywords I would suggest you to keep your site main focus on a particular topic if you want to gain search engine rankings.
    this post on keyword research will be helpful for you.

  47. how to choose my keywords
    please revert me back.

  48. anuj kumar says:

    what is local seo?

    • Digitalswati says:

      लोकल SEO में हम अपनी website को local search results के लिये ऑप्टिमाइज़ करते हैं ।
      यह तब काम आता है जब आप किसी geographic location के लोगो को target करना चाहते है।

  49. rautelatech says:

    This is nice post for all for us

  50. Abhishek pancholi says:

    Hi mam..I’m doing Work on seo. But I have basic level knowledge…i’m only doing submission Like – Directory, Social Bookmarking etc.
    But I want to know the SEO in depth.
    plz tell me how can I learn it?

    • Digitalswati says:

      Abhishek Learn Seo Step by step-
      1. Onpage Seo
      2. Offpage Seo
      3.Local Seo
      and then the advance things like silos, amp and the others.

  51. lalit says:

    I do not have my blog.
    After learning SEO, is there any jobs opportunities for search engine optimizers in IT companies.

    • Digitalswati says:

      Yes If you have a good practical knowledge of search engine optimization, there are a lot of opportunities.
      not only IT companies but all the good companies that have websites need the SEO work to be done.
      You can also work as a freelancer.

      But I will suggest you -start your own blog and apply your SEO Knowledge on it. That will give you practical Knowledge and experience.

  52. Thanks Swati for sharing a great article.
    You are doing a great work by sharing such information in Hindi.

  53. Ashish says:

    Nice Details ,
    Please tell can we do SEO Using Html Code .

  54. surender singh says:

    I want to learn the seo

    • Digitalswati says:

      Hi Suriender,
      Learning SEO is must to get high rankings in search engines.
      For more SEO stuff please subscribe to my blog.

  55. RST MISS says:

    How many months required for Learning SEO COURSE ?

    • Digitalswati says:

      The duration required for learning SEO depends upon in how much depth you want to go.
      In a properly designed course, you can grasp the basics of SEO within 2 weeks.

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