Keyword Research करने का सही तरीका

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24 Responses

  1. Raj says:

    Bahut hi kam ki jankari dhnywad

    • Swati Jain says:

      thank u Raj ji.
      Nice to see you after a long time.

  2. sunil kumar says:

    Keyword select aur keyword research karne ke bare me aapne bahut acchi jankari di hai………Thankx For Sharing

  3. Anant says:

    Baski 3 point ke baaten Mai BHI likhiye waiting for your new posts

    • Swati Jain says:

      Sorry for keeping you waiting.
      Since I am a little bit busy in my projects thats why its taking time.
      but sure I will soon publish it.

  4. Thanks you so much dear Swati Jain…. this is best way of teaching by you….
    Realy now I’m feeling batter about my website 😍😀😅… just because of you.

    • Swati Jain says:

      Thank you Nikhil.
      and my heartly good wishes for your online journey.

  5. Manish Soni says:

    This is very helpful article swati jain

    • Swati Jain says:

      thank you Manish ji.

  6. Nisha says:

    Hi Swati,
    Can u put some videos also that how to do work practically and plzz post some blogs related to Off- Page SEO and meta tags

  7. Vishal Bisht says:

    Hello Swati Mam,
    mene bohot se online course search kre SEO sikhne k lie, but ek bhi course mujhe dhnag se smjh nahi aaya then mene SEO hindi me search kia sbse upar aapki site aayi. jab mene open krke dekha then i found it’s really helpful for beginners and mujhe bhi is site se kafi help mili.
    thank you so much mam. 🙂

    • Swati Jain says:

      Hi Vishal Bisht ji ,
      Thank U so much that you took out the time and wrote such a appreciation for my work.
      आप सबका इतना appreciation ही मुझे inspire करता है, to work more harder.

  8. Ajay Kumar says:

    स्वाति जी मैंने अभी एक वैबसाइट डिवैलप करवाई है जो की 21/09/2017 को लॉंच करूगा जो की न्यूज़ पोर्टल वैबसाइट है
    मुझे आपसे केवल यह जानना है की उसको लोकप्रिय बनाने के लिए क्या किया जा सकता है
    कृपया SEO के सभी Part One-by-One बताइये
    और मेरी वैबसाइट के डोमैन मे “-“(डैश) है क्या मैंने ऐसा करके गलती करी है
    plz मदद करिए ।

    • Swati Jain says:

      1. domain में dash होना is not good . अगर आपकी वेबसाइट अभी live नहीं आयी है तो Try to get a domain without dash .

      २. क्युकी आप की न्यूज़ वेबसाइट है तो धयान रखें की वह well structured हो – यानी सभी categories – like politics , fashion etc . सही से बनी हों और होम page पर displayed हो।

      3 . news websites can get lot of traffic from facebook also. you should use content marketing strategies to make it popular.

  9. rina says:

    Yess, Very good subject …. even i got to know so many terms which even i dont understand.

    • Swati Jain says:

      jankar kushi hue that u gained value from this Keyword research article.

  10. DIVYAM JHA says:

    बहुत बढ़िया आर्टिकल हैं स्वाति जी. ये सभी tools बहुत उपयोगी हैं किसी भी नए ब्लॉगर के लिए

    • Swati Jain says:

      yes these are very useful tools available online and are free to use.
      And Thank you Divyam ji for your appreciation.

  11. Swati Jain says:

    hello Mohan ji,
    the first step in SEO is keyword research.
    this article will help you to understand keyword research process in hindi.
    and more over, I had a look on your website.
    Its good that you implemented analytics and had submitted the site map.

    what i will recommend is –

    create baclinks for your website- presently a few backlinks are there.
    work on our website speed- your website speed is very low .
    images on your website are not optimized.
    and also Create an associated Facebook Page.

  12. स्वाति जी ,मेने अपनी एक वैबसाइट बनवाई हे उस पर मे seo वर्क स्टार्ट करना चाहता हू मे केसे शुरू करू ।

  13. Arvind Shinde says:

    Very nice article ..swati di …keyword research karne mai …aap ne meri bhut badi help kr di ….

    • Swati Jain says:

      मुझे ख़ुशी हुई की यह article आपके लिए helpful रहा।

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