goole indexing and crawling in hindi

[Infographic] Google Search Engine कैसे काम करता है ?( Crawling and indexing)

google crawling and indexing explained in hindi


  • Crawling
  • Main Program
  • Creating a database
  • Creating an Index


CRAWLING  – Once you host your website over the web server, crawlers will automatically crawl your website within 10 days. The function of crawlers is to take snapshots of your webpage and other important information like – keywords, domain names and important links. After capturing all the information, they pass it on to the Main Program. For understanding SEO in Hindi , it is important to first understand The working of google.

Kindly note that crawlers are simply agents of Google to collect the information all across the Internet. They have no decision-making power to reject or to accept a page. Their job is to capture content of all “DOFOLLOW” webpages.





Consider Main Program as a device with an artificial brain. Once, crawlers have captured the information from your webpage, they will pass on the information to the main program. What Main Program does is, that it will evaluate your webpage with all the other existing webpages in Google’s database, which contain the same keywords.


E.g. – The keywords for a specific webpage are “Mahatma Gandhi”. Main Program will evaluate this webpage along with all the other existing webpages in Google’s database carrying the same keyword.

Let’s assume that Main Program found out, there are 10,793 webpages (including your webpage) in Google’s database that contain the same keywords – “Mahatma Gandhi”. In this case, Main Program will evaluate your webpage with 10,792 webpages.


There are 2 broad parameters for evaluation –

  • Quantity of content (how exhaustive the content is on a particular keyword)
  • Quality of content (how relevant is the information on that particular keyword)


After comparing on the aforesaid parameters, lets assume that main program found out that there are 5 webpages better than your webpage on the keyword – “Mahatma Gandhi”. In this case, main program will assign your webpage rank # 6.





Once main program has assigned a rank to your webpage, Google will add that webpage to its database.


Will my webpage show up in Google searches now?

NO…the last step is still left!





Once your webpage is a part of Google’s database, you need to create an index of that webpage. Only pages with index would be reflected in Google’s search result.


Index consists of 2 important parts –

  • Meta Title – Title of the index is known as Meta Title
  • Meta Description – Description of the index is known as Meta Description.

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  1. Swati jain ji I like the way you are explaining.
    I’m totally new to learn in spite of that I learned I enjoyed and learned a lot
    But I want to learn some more about meta tag and description.

    1. Hello विशाल,
      thanks for appreciating,
      planning to write an article completely dedicated on the topic of meta tag and description.

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